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We are exclusive importers, suppliers and distributers of high quality solar products from Europe, Australia and USA. Our well established company based in Mombasa is well known for its standard high quality products and after sales services. Random Solar brings its technical expertise along with a long history of solar home systems installations in various parts of developing countries with particular experience in East Africa.

23 Years of Experience

It's a great satisfaction to bring electricity to people who don,t have access to it

Random Solar Ltd has an excellent experience working on projects with rural schools, community managed institutions, hospitals, hotel industry and a big number of residential houses country wide and within East Africa.

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Solar PV Electric System

As an installation company for Solar Systems, we install any size of PV Systems, Hybrid Systems, Grid connected Systems, Pumping Systems. In the first step we introduce our customer precisely on the best system for their requirement, budged and needs. Our systems can be installed in paces, starting with a smaller system and extending the system until satisfaction.

Power Backup Systems

The cheapest way to avoid an immediately higher investment to prevent sitting in the darkness without power, during power cuts/power rationing is a Back Up System which is connected to the house electricity. With an Inverter, Change Over Switch and Batteries you can connect the most needed electric items. The batteries are going to be charged with KPLC power without Solar Panels, your invoice from KPLC will be higher.

Wind / Solar (Hybrid) Systems

Geological surveil and report, designing of the system according to the depth of the well/bore hole the amount of water needed per hour/day, distance to the high tank, floor tank or house. Calculation for plumping, electric material, and solar system on client’s demand. Installation of any kind of systems needed.

Solar Hot Water Systems

SHWS have become mandatory for any new building’s according to the high demand of electricity for heating water for the bathrooms, Hotel kitchen and Industry. Our standard systems from Europe in the size of 120, 200 and 300L with integrated booster element are easy to install and easy to service. Centralized systems in any size must be designed according to customers requirement. All our systems have 5 years Warranty. Efficiency up to 94% power saving.

Wind Generators

A wind generator is creating power whenever there is sufficient wind. As a standalone WG or to support a PV solar system during day and night, sunshine ore cloudy, rainy weather it is a perfect tool to create extra power. Due the Climate change we all experienced a stronger wind and more cloudy days than 5 years ago. If the location is perfect for a wind generator, we will introduce you to the advantage of a Hybrid System.

Water Purifiers

Domestic systems are available for any household. Production per day from app. 70L to 400L depending on the raw water. Domestic systems can desalinate raw water with a TTS up to 2000mg/L, a higher salt level can be compensated but the service interval will be shorter which is normally one year. Easy to install, elegant, designed fits in every kitchen or laundry room.

Solar Water Purifiers

Our systems are equipped with different pre filters, Sediment-Carbon-UV-Desalination Cartridge. A multimineral filter is adding all needed minerals after desalination. The fully automatic system with display gives you all information needed.

Desalination Plant

We install professional Reverse Osmoses Desalination Plants from 250L/h until 52.000 L/h as complete systems with all components needed according to the customer’s demand.

Water Pumping System

Direct Driven Solar Pumping systems without batteries, Solar systems for AC Pumps, normal pumping systems for bore hole or well.


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How We Work


Meeting Client

Introducing our Products and Services to the client.



Survey of the Clients premises and assement of power requirements.


System Design

Planing and Design on the Systems according to the Clients needs and requirements using the highest quality standart.


Project Qoutation

Creating the qoutation according to the specifications and requirements of every client individually and ensure that our qoutations offers are the best value for the client.


Project Installation

After confirmation of the qoutations and installation dates, our engineers will come to install the system.


Aftersales Service

After installation we will provide lifetime support to our clients.


Our Working Expertise


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