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Where Solar energy is experienced.

Solar Hot Water System - Delivering the highest number of watts per money spent, Solar Hot Water System offer an environmentally friendly alternative to gas and electric systems, so you won't just save money, you'll also help save the environment.
Solar WATERpps - Solar WATERpps from Solar-Fabrik offers innovative water pumping and purification system which can turn cistern water, surface water, into hygienic drinking water compliant with WHO standards. It can also pump process water.
Solar Home Station - Find solutions to high electric bills and brownouts while benefiting the environment with Solar Home Station.
Solar Wind/Water Pumping System - Where wind is available, wind pumping system can dramatically reduce the cost of the water pumping. Having two combination will make the system more efficient and cost-effective.  


Solar energy,
the future power


Mwazaro Mangrove Lodge
The lodge use Solar and wind energy.


Solar Water Pumps
Supply your water needs with these Solar Water Pumps.

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